Terms & Conditions

 1. Deliveries and services of MATRIX shall be executed solely in accordance with the following standard terms and conditions. These standard terms of MATRIX do apply for all business transactions, also if MATRIX does not explicitly quote the terms. MATRIX standard terms shall apply even in case MATRIX has knowledge of alternative terms of purchase or of terms deviating from the standard terms of contract of the customer’s deliveries or performance. Alternative terms or individual modifications shall apply only if confirmed by MATRIX in an written form. This written from could be in form of an order confirmation including the individual terms, or a supply agreement.

MATRIX' offers and quotations are provisional and non-binding. Supply agreements only take effect when confirmed by us in written form. The placing of an order by the customer shall be binding. The acceptance of the order will follow within two (2) weeks by means of the dispatching of a confirmation of order or an unconditional execution of the consigned deliveries or performance.

2. All mentioned prices are to be understood „ex works“ including the standard packaging plus VAT.

Standard freight charges (within Germany):

< 5kg = € 9,50
< 10kg = € 15,50
< 20kg = € 25,00
< 50kg = € 45,00
< 100kg = € 65,00
> 100 kg = € 0,50/kg

For shipments including standard cooling agents, we add a cooling flat rate of € 5,00 per shipment

  • Shipments including dry ice per individual inquiry

  • For dangerous goods shipments additional delivery costs will need to be charged. These will be confirmed per request

  • If the order value is below € 50,00 per single order, we will add € 15,00 as „low value order“ charge

  • Changes of flat rates and other charges do not require any prior announcement by MATRIX

  • For all shipments outside Germany, the customer bears the actual shipping costs

  • For bulk orders the shipping conditions will be quoted individually

3. Invoices are to be payed within 14 days after receipt of invoice without any deduction(net). Delayed payment will result in legal proceedings upon the expiry of the payment period without further warning. In this case, or in the case of a warning, we are entitled to interest for late payment at the current normal bank interest rate, or alternatively at a rate of 5% above the current discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank. For new customers advance payment does apply. After success fullfillment of the initial three orders, payment conditions can be negotiated.

If our conditions of payment are not complied with or if justifiable doubts exist regarding the customer's ability or willingness to pay, we are entitled to rescind the contract and to demand return of delivered goods, the costs of delivery to be borne by the customer. In addition, all time limited demands will become due.
Justifiable doubts referred to the above include, but are not restricted to: unfavourable information, deterioration of financial circumstances, initiation of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings, execution measures against the customer, protest of bills, and default of payment for any other reason. Goods will stay our property until complete payment of the invoice.

4. In case of payment before shipping, the property of the ordered goods is transferred to the customer with the day of invoice. Any risk is passed on to the customer. In case the goods are stored at MATRIX only for technical reasons, the customer is intitled to inspect, call off, or pick up his goods at any given time, yet at a mutually agreed date.

5. Mentioned delivery times are not legally binding. Claims for compensation due to delay or non-delivery are excluded. If a delivery date specified by us is exceeded by more than two weeks, the customer is entitled to give us a further two weeks time limit for delivery. Should the delivery not be carried out by the end of the additional two weeks delivery period, the customer is entitled to cancel the order.

All deliveries are at customer's risk; risk passes on to the customer with handing over goods to the forwarder. Choice of shipping method and means of transport is at our discretion with exclusion of any liability. Partial deliveries are permitted.

In case of unforseen occurences, acts of god, production failure, delivery delay or cancellation from our vendors, new legislations, delay in the shipping process or strike MATRIX is excludes of the obligation of on-time delivery during their duration. They additionally entitle MATRIX to possibly cancel the order partially or total.

6. MATRIX products are provided exclusively for research, lab and if specified cosmetic use, not for pharmaceutical or diagnostic application. The use of our products in diagnostics, therapeutics, pharmaceutics and cosmetics are subject to the current legal regulationsand laws. MATRIX will only supply products to legal companies, institutions for research- and development as well as universities. Re-sale of MATRIX products to privat individuals is not allowed. MATRIX is free to decline an order in case it suspects a missuse of the products. MATRIX is NOT liable for any damages caused by incorrect application, usage or storage of our goods.

Product descriptions, technical data and other statements in our online catalogue, marketing material or data sheets of MATRIX are accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief. All data is supplied by MATRIX with the best possible research and care, but still requires the controle and confirmation by the customer. Under no circumstances may any assurances as to properties be derived from such descriptions and statemtents. If not agreed individually by contract in written form, no warranty for our services or goods is supplied.

Some of MATRIX products are highly toxic and dangerous. These products will be identified as such according to the current regulations and laws. Missing warning signs on the product label do not identify the product as being harmless. Customers are required without exception to follow laboratory safety guidelines when working with our products.

7. Goods have to be inspected upon receipt, and to report any complaints immediately. In the case of a fault that is not apparent upon inspection, the complaint must be reported immediately upon discovery of the fault, otherwise the goods will be deemed approved as regards such fault.

- Any complaint regarding the goods, such as defects, lack of assured properties, wrong delivery and over- or under-delivery are, after immediate discontinuation of use, to be reported in written form.
- Claims by the customer are excluded, in so far as they are not based upon intention or gross negligence.
- In the case of wrong delivery the goods will be taken back at our expense and replaced with the goods originally ordered. Excess deliveries may similarly be sent back to us at our expense. In the case of under-delivery the customer may choose between a reduction in payment or complete performance.
- In the case of delivery of faulty goods we are entitled to replace the faulty goods with goods free of faults. - Claims for compensation are excluded except in the case of lack of assured properties.
- Goods may only be returned by arrangement with us and with the issue of a return number. Returned goods must be properly packed; if returned goods are damaged due to the fault of the customer, the customer is obliged to pay compensation for such damage.

8. German law applies to all order contracts, including international shipments.

9. If any of the above conditions is held to be invalid, the validity of any of the other conditions shall not be affected.

10. The place for fulfilment of contracts and the court of jurisdiction shall be Moerlenbach, Germany.