The Company

MATRIX BioScience Ltd. combines 30 years of experience in the field of biochemical
research, with application of its results in the field of medicin, related areas, as well as 
in product development and production.

Our main focus:

- Production of highly purified sterile collagen solutions, collagen types and matrix components for
cell culture, research and medical products

- We want to supply as many as possible scientifically known collagen types and matrix components    

- Research the impact of different radicals and relevant radical scavangers

- Collagen Type II products

- Development and aseptic production of hightly purified injectable collagen gels for application in 
plastic chirurgie, gastroenterologie, etc. Our purification method resulted in an unprecedented
low rate of allergic reactions: about  0,1 % compared to usual 2-3 % for application
of other injectable collagen products

Please benefit from our research and experience by using our products and services. 
Please feel free to contact us in case you need a customized product or service.


   Collagen G 1
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