Collagen, Connective Tissue components, cell culture, antibiotics, buffers, enzymes, growth factores, adhesion factors, injectable implants, PET-bottles

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With decades of research on extracellular matrix, collagen, artificial chemically defined  cell culture media,
cell culture and radical scavenging methods, our expertise will help you reach your goals.
Our wide-ranged portfolio includes the following products and services:

  • - Connective tissue components & sterile collagen solutions: Collagen G, Collagen G1, Collagen A
  • Collagen Type I from fish skin, Collagen R. Produced in-house for Cell culture,
    as adhesion factor, 2-D and 3-D Gels

  • - Collagen-Production-Know-How for sterile injectable implants

  • - Aseptic filtration and filling, contract manufacturing

  • - Contract research, analytical services, radical scavenging efficacy tests

  • - Cosmetic Active Ingredients: Radical Scavenging Complexes, OMEGA-CH-ACTIVATOR,
  • OMEGA-CHS-ACTIVATOR. Collagen solutions for the cosmetic industrie:
  • Collagen SF (marine), Collagen C 1.0 (bovine), and Collagen P 0.5 (porcine)
  • Deodorized sterile yeast extracts

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         Collagen G
         - Collagen G1 -
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