Collagen, Connective Tissue Components, Adhesion factor, Cell Culture
Collagen G 1 / Kollagen G 1

Collagen G1: 0.5% Collagen solution

Collagen G1 is a purified native collagen type I solution from bovine calf dermis of calves
6 months of age or younger.

This collagen has been acid solubilized without enzyme treatment and without pepsin ex-
traction. Therefore the aminoterminal and carboxyterminal Telopeptides of Collagen G1
remain intact.

For the comparison of acid solubilized collagen with pepsin solubilized collagen
(Atelocollagen) please click here

Collagen G1 acid solubilized collagen produces stronger gels at physiological pH and temperatures, transparant 
to white in appearance, as compared to pepsin solubilized collagen (atelocollagen) at the same concentration.

Collagen G1 is an excellent source for providing collagen fibrils for cell and tissue cultures and tissue engineering
projects for various applications: Coating of surfaces or use as a solid gel providing a substrate for improved
attachement of thin layers of cells, formation of an in vivo-like 3D matrix of  collagen attached to the bottom of a
culture dish or as a floating pad in/on the culture media for cell growth, cell migration assays, cell interaction
and many other biochemical or pathological studies of standard cells and stems cells. 

If a clear collagen gel is of paramount importance, we refer you to our product Collagen GP1, Article-No. 50108,
a 0.4 % collagen (atelocollagen) solution, pepsin solubilized, from bovine calf dermis of calves 6 months of age
or younger.

* Comparison of acid extracted collagen and pepsin extracted collagen(atelocollagen) click here

- FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY - Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use -